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अपडेटेड 4 years ago
4 Years Ago | 11 शेयर्स | बाय Monika # 36

It takes two special people,
To make a loving pair.
There’s a joy just being around you,
A feeling I/we love to share.
We send anniversary wishes to you,
For years of joy and pleasure.
May each year keep getting better,
With memories to treasure.
Happy Anniversary!

4 Years Ago | 2 शेयर्स | बाय Prabhjot # 95

Your anniversary marks the day
When you both said 'I do.'
The two of you became as one,
A marriage bright and new.
Now time has passed; your love is strong;
You passed the early test.
Your tender bond grows with passing time;
Your marriage is the kind that’s best!
Happy Anniversary.

4 Years Ago | 5 शेयर्स | बाय Jamie Wilkinson # 125

To the beautiful couple in all the land,
May your anniversary be Happy and Grand.
Happy Anniversary

4 Years Ago | 24 शेयर्स | बाय Prem # 39

Happy anniversary to you both;
Have a bright and happy day.
Your marriage sets an example;
It shines in every way.
Through time your bond is strong;
It lasts through sun and storm;
You’ll always have your love
To keep each other warm.
Happy Anniversary.

5 Years Ago | 4 शेयर्स | बाय Gaurav # 109

On this special day,
best wishes go to you,
that this wonderful love u share,
lasts ur lifetime through.
Happy anniversary to you my Love

5 Years Ago | 1 शेयर्स | बाय Agha # 108

Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots.Happy Anniversary.

6 Years Ago | 2 शेयर्स | बाय Divya # 63

I’ll always remember The day I married you,
Without you my love, my beauty,
I don’t know what I’d do
Your loving and thoughtful,
Just to mention two,
I adore your sweet smile
It makes me want you.
Happy Anniversary

6 Years Ago | 1 शेयर्स | बाय Vivek # 73

There are few who are so lucky
To have the things you do,
Companionship and friendship,
And loving feelings, too.
As friends we wish these pleasures
Will last forevermore,
For we know that you will ever be
A couple whom we adore.
Happy Anniversary.

8 Years Ago | 0 शेयर्स | बाय Lerma Plata Penarand # 123

You two are an inspiration to the world.
Looking at you, we know that
soulmates can find and keep each other,
commitment means something,
a great team can overcome life’s troubles,
and love triumphs over all.
Happy Anniversary.

8 Years Ago | 0 शेयर्स | बाय Lokesh # 55

Here's a toast to the two of you
As you celebrate together;
You're the poster kids for happiness,
In sunny or stormy weather.
Your love continues, warm and bright;
May it shine throughout the years;
You’re an example for the rest of us,
So here’s to you: Three cheers!
Happy Anniversary.

8 Years Ago | 0 शेयर्स | बाय Arjun # 34

Long after our anniversary
Long after our anniversary
this greeting has been thrown away
Think of the thought behind it,
Each and everyday,
Happy Anniversary

8 Years Ago | 2 शेयर्स | बाय Richa # 62

We've had our ups and downs, This we both know,
Through it all our love Still managed to grow
Different thoughts we had About many things,
But our love for each other, Had no attached strings.
Happy Anniversary Hoping that the love you shared years ago
Is still as strong today as it was then Bringing you much joy, love and happiness
To celebrate again. Happy Anniversary

डाउनलोड मैक्सअबाउट एसएमएस एप्प फ्रॉम प्ले स्टोर
3 Years Ago

A couple that truly lives and understand, May your anniversary be exquisitely splendid. Glad to have you as my friends.

Have a blast!

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