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4 Years Ago | 783 शेयर्स | बाय Ashish

Wish u all A Merry Christmas
May the Joys of the season

Fill your heart with goodwill and cheer
May the chimes of Christmas glory
Add up more shine And spread
Smiles across the miles
Today & In the New Year.

5 Years Ago | 8 शेयर्स | बाय Saif Ali

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Hope that I'm the 1st person to put a Christmas tree on your phone..

6 Years Ago | 248 शेयर्स | बाय Nitin

X’mas is love..
X’mas is dedication,
X’mas is happiness.
Happy X’MAS to you and your family with a bunch of love and prayers.

5 Years Ago | 14 शेयर्स | बाय ghassan zaghloul

May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love.
Christmas is the time of giving and sharing,
It is the time of loving and forgiving,
Merry Christmas to Everyone!

6 Years Ago | 158 शेयर्स | बाय imman

May the joy and peace of Christmas be with
you all through the Year. Wishing you a
season of blessings from heaven above.
Merry Christmas!

5 Years Ago | 10 शेयर्स | बाय ana maria

The Blessings of Peace
The Beauty of Hope,

The Spirit of Love
The Comfort of Faith,

May these be your gifts this Christmas Season.

6 Years Ago | 88 शेयर्स | बाय Lerma Plata Penarand

I heard the bells on Christmas Day,
Their old, familiar carols play, And wild and sweet,
The words repeat Of peace on earth, good-will to men!
Happy Christmas.

5 Years Ago | 146 शेयर्स | बाय Abhishek De



4 Years Ago | 29 शेयर्स | बाय Abhishek

Christmas is not a time nor a season,
But a state of mind.
To cherish peace and goodwill,
To be plenteous in mercy is to have the real spirit of Christmas.
Mery Christmas 2016!

4 Years Ago | 250 शेयर्स | बाय Monika

It's the Christmas eve & our heart is full of believe,
It's that time of the year to wish
A dear one like you a 'Merry Christmas 2016.

5 Years Ago | 29 शेयर्स | बाय Sujit

Mày Úr Christmas timè bè bright
from d mòmènt it starts,
With màny wòndèrful things
thàt brings jòy 2 yòur heàrt,
& mày èach day, thròughòut d yèar,
Bring èven mòre gladnèss & chèer.
Mèrry Christmàs!

5 Years Ago | 30 शेयर्स | बाय Mansi

The journey of life is with many twists & turns,
But with faith & courage, no obstacle can stop you from reaching you goals,
Keep faith, peace & kindness in your heart & you shall always shine.
Merry Christmas!

4 Years Ago | 28 शेयर्स | बाय Anju

May Almighty God Shower You With,
His Love During This Christmas And Meet,
All Your Needs And Elevate You Higher,
Merry Christmas 2016

5 Years Ago | 5 शेयर्स | बाय ana maria

I wish you the gift of Faith,
the Blessing of Hope,
and the Peace of his Love at Christmas and always!

5 Years Ago | 185 शेयर्स | बाय Love

**Hey friends hope u all ok ..
May peace, happiness and goodwill be with you and your family
Not only on Christmas but, through out the year and beyond .. Wishing you all Merry Christmas .

5 Years Ago | 17 शेयर्स | बाय Kanishk

May this Christmas end the present year
On a cheerful note and make way
For a fresh and bright new year.
Here’s wishing you a
Merry Christmas and a very very happy new year..

6 Years Ago | 1 शेयर्स | बाय 1

I hope life treats you kind, and I hope you have all you ever dream of, and wish you joy, happiness, peace and prosperity but above all this I wish u love this Xmas and New Year

5 Years Ago | 4 शेयर्स | बाय ana maria

Have a Merry Xmas!
I hope you get lots of snow!
I Spend time with your loved ones.
Bask in the Xmas glow.

5 Years Ago | 43 शेयर्स | बाय Love

It is good to be children sometimes,
and never better than at Christmas when its mighty
Founder was a child Himself..!!
Merry Christmas..

5 Years Ago | 3 शेयर्स | बाय Suneth Edward

May all the Joyfull sweet magics
Of Christmas conspire,

To gladden your hearts
And fill every desire.

4 Years Ago | 16 शेयर्स | बाय Angad

Joy resounds in the hearts of those who believe in the miracle of Christmas!
Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love of the season! Season’s Greetings!
Merry Christmas 2016

3 Years Ago | 3 शेयर्स | बाय Love

May Lord Jesus Bless You And,
Make All Your Dreams Come To Reality This Season.
Merry Christmas

4 Years Ago | 4 शेयर्स | बाय Akshat

May the message of Christmas fill your life with joy and peace,
Best wishes to you and your family during this holiday season.
Merry Christmas

4 Years Ago | 6 शेयर्स | बाय Vijay

Heap on the wood the wind is chill,
But, let it whistle as it will we will keep our Christmas merry still.
Merry Christmas

5 Years Ago | 23 शेयर्स | बाय Rishi

There's nothing sadder in this world,
than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.

6 Years Ago | 61 शेयर्स | बाय Piyush MOHANTA

() ”’*()

() “‘* ()
Where Are You?

()*”’ ()

() ””*()
Ah..! There U R…

Juz 1 2 Say
Merry Christmas

5 Years Ago | 52 शेयर्स | बाय sagar M

The beauty of the Christmas season,

can remind us of all the beauty of life,

that we take for granted.

Our family, our friends and our faith.

Merry Christmas!

5 Years Ago | 14 शेयर्स | बाय Piyush MOHANTA

If you sat beneath the Christmas tree,

You the sure add to the decor
But, even if u were gift wrapped dear,
I could not love you more.

5 Years Ago | 12 शेयर्स | बाय Lokesh

I wish this Christmas enriches your life,
May each day be happy & bright.
Overflowing with pleasure & love,
May Christmas be filled with delight...
Merry Christmas!!!

4 Years Ago | 3 शेयर्स | बाय Vibhu

May this holiday season sparkle & shine,
May all of your wishes & dreams come true &,
May you feel this happiness all year round.
Merry Christmas

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