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अपडेटेड 6 years ago
6 Years Ago | 2 शेयर्स | बाय himanshu nayak # 8966

Zindagi ka her pal khushiyo se kam na ho,
Aap ka har din Eid ke din se kam na ho,
Aisa din app ko hamesha naseeb ho..Eid Mubarak.

7 Years Ago | 2 शेयर्स | बाय Gazal # 28

Hope that you are guided by your faith in the almighty and shine in his divine blessings.
Wishing you a happy Eid-ul-Adha!

7 Years Ago | 5 शेयर्स | बाय Rahul # 19

May Eid-ul-Adha bring you peace,
love, warmth and happiness all your way.
Happy Eid-ul-Adha!

7 Years Ago | 4 शेयर्स | बाय Raj # 45

Wishing that Allah brings you treasured moments of happiness and joy on the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Adha.
Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak!

7 Years Ago | 4 शेयर्स | बाय Gazal # 28

Wishing that this Eid brings you wonderful moments to cherish forever.
Happy Eid-ul-Adha! Eid Mubarak!

7 Years Ago | 2 शेयर्स | बाय Cassandra Isabel Anc # 128

As you offer your prayers on Eid-ul-Adha,
I hope that the true spirit of this auspicious occasion fills your heart with happiness and good cheer.
Have a blessed Eid-ul-Adha!

7 Years Ago | 2 शेयर्स | बाय Divya # 91

Nazar ka chain dil ka soror hote hain.
Kuch ase log jahan main zaror hote hain.
Sada chamakta rahe in ki EID ka tehwar.
Kareeb reh k b jo hum se dor hote hain

7 Years Ago | 4 शेयर्स | बाय Anju # 41

Eid hi to Naam hai Ek Dusrey ki Deed ka
Apna to kisi Tour katt jaye ga ye Din
Tum jis se milo aaj us ko Eid Mubarak
| '--.__.--' |
Here is my
Kindly open it....

7 Years Ago | 4 शेयर्स | बाय Shiba # 79

Here comes the day,once in a blue moon.
With chanda mama shinin up bright
And blessing everyone. Her luv so tender, merciful.
Shinin down on the earth wishin us
Happy eid, 'Eid mubarakh'

7 Years Ago | 1 शेयर्स | बाय Sujit # 80

Maine chaha ke apko EID pe kuch pesh karoo.
Jis ai tabinda sitaro ki chamak shamil ho.
Jis mai guzre lamhat ki tasvere ho.
Jis mai anjan jazeron ki mehak shamil ho

7 Years Ago | 2 शेयर्स | बाय Animesh # 94

Aaj se Aamire Garibi ka fasle na rahe,
Aaj se Aamire Garibi ka fasle na rahe,
Har Insan ek duje ko aapna bhai kahe,
Aj sob kuch bhool ka aa gale lag ja,
Mubarak ho tuje yeh EID-UL-AZHA.

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डाउनलोड मैक्सअबाउट एसएमएस एप्प फ्रॉम प्ले स्टोर
3 Years Ago

Eid Mubarak is the traditional greeting of wishing the people a very Happy Eid. Eid is one of the most sacred festivals of Muslims celebrated all over the world with immense love, happiness, pomp and show. The festival of Eid is celebrated to let Allah guide everyone in their endeavours and brings them peace and prosperity. We have curated a list of Eid Mubarak messages, Eid Mubarak SMS, Eid Mubarak greetings for you in order to forward to your loved ones and pray to Allah to guide them onto a better path.

The festival of Eid is associated with the challenge God bestowed upon Prophet Mohammad Ibrahim. In order to check his faith in God, he asked the Prophet to sacrifice his dearest thing to God and the Prophet being the ultimate devotee gave his 13 year old son as an offering to God. This very fact was known to move God and he ordered his angel Gabriel to exchange his son with a goat which is now sacrificed every year as an offering to God and is divided into 3 parts. One part is supposed to be given to the relatives, one to the friends and the last is to keep for themselves.

Wishing someone Eid Mubarak by forgetting every wrong and grudge  and lending a hand of friendship is one of the greater significances of it. It is the ultimate way of expressing compassion towards someone and letting them know that you want best of Allah’s blessing for their every endeavour.

Disclaimer: This SMS collection is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of the ईद मुबारक messages without permission of the creator.

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