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अपडेटेड 6 years ago

Friendships is like wine: it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER. Just like us... I get BETTER, U get OLDER ;) Happy Friendship Day!

6 Years Ago | 0 शेयर्स | बाय sarika kapil # 6514

friendship is not having a gang of people around u...
it is best 2 have one heart which is true,thinking of u & always cares for u...

6 Years Ago | 1 शेयर्स | बाय deepa k # 8555

Glory of frendshp is not the extended hand, nor the joy of togetherness..
Its the inspiration that comes with the feeling that someone still beleives in you

6 Years Ago | 0 शेयर्स | बाय binu kakkar # 6516

The feeling of Friendship starts from
the Eyes.... If U try to close your eyes,
Friendship turns into a drop of tear &
remains in your heart forever....

You are strong as Rum,
Fine as Wine,
Cool as Beer,
Sophisticated as Vodka,
Classic as Whisky,
in short I am totally tun in your friendship.

Be slow in choosing friend. slower in loosing them.
Because friendship is not an opportunity,
but it is a sweet responsibility.

king has 100 ships
Queen has 50 ships
But I have only one ship that is FRIENDSHIP...........

I want to say….
If friends are
Then I am
The richest person
In the world!
I really cherish our

life is a sailing ship,
love is a bonding ship,
hate is a sinking ship,
smile is a searching ship,
best ship is friendship.

friendship is softer like a rose
friendship is sweeter like a rose
friendship is colorful like a rose
who ever cut us, still we grow like a rose

Birth’ Is 0nce..

‘Youth’ Is 0nce..

‘Death’ Is 0nce..

‘Love’ Is 0nce..

‘Marriage’ Is 0nce


‘FRIENDSHIP’ ‘Runs’ Forever…

The light of friend ship canlend a glow even the darkest corner of life.

"SMILE" is
"START" of life..

"ART" of life..

"LOVE" is
"PART" of life..
"FRIENDSHIP" is "GIFT" of life..!!!

Tum use dekh kar hasoge to wo b hasega ...
rooge to wo b royega.
Tum use maroge to wo nahi marega wo tut jayega .

Friendship means:

To love without limitation...
To give without expectation..
To help without hesitation..
Remember without communication..

Friendship need
No promises
No demands and
No expectations
It just needs two people

friend ship is not about whom you have known longest
who came first or
who care the best,
its all about
who came and never left.

6 Years Ago | 0 शेयर्स | बाय kishan kumar # 5106

Friendship must be like eyes,
Because they move together,
They see together,
They sleep together,
But they never like 2 see tears of each other.

6 Years Ago | 0 शेयर्स | बाय aj pv # 4567

friendship is like wine , it gets sweeter as it gets older !!!

No Matter How Bitter A Coffee Gets,

One Bite Of A Sweet Cookie Changes Everything...

Thanks For Being...
A Sweet Cookie Friend
In A Bitter Coffee World... :->

Happy Friendship Day

Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if contact is lost.

Girlfriend is Hot Water,
Lover is Mineral Water,
Wife is Corporation Water,
Relationship is Kaveri Water,
But “FRIENDSHIP” is pure Rain Water!

Do you Know why 108 is used as Emergency numbr

F+r+i+e+n+d+s+h+i+p =

Help in any situtation..
Tabhi to

Because, Water Has NoColour.,
And NoTaste...!
But it is More essential For Life.!
That's Friendship. :

Circle is free.
Love is very risk.
Friendship is fine.

In ThE Rhytm Of Life . . . We SumTime Finds OurSelves Out Of Tunes . . .
But As Long As There Are Friend Like U To Provide Melody . . .
Muzik Plays On .

kash ki tumne hame awaz de hoti to ham maut ke nind se v uth kar chale aate,
duniya janti hai ki jab .......dosti karta hai to afshane likhe jate hai,
jab dushmani karta hi to tarikh ban jati hai.

7 Years Ago | 5 शेयर्स | बाय ish n # 7485

Everybody said that, "Frndship is greater than love bt nobody knws dat frndship is loving sum1 deeply"

7 Years Ago | 0 शेयर्स | बाय Grazie # 117

Friendship with ME is like Einstien's relativity theorem.

'May b too hard to understand,but once u get the concept,i'm too hard to forget'.

7 Years Ago | 0 शेयर्स | बाय Grazie # 117

Dosti means
1 pyara sa dil jo kabhi nafrat nahi karti.
1 smile jo fiki nahi padti.
1 ehsas jo kabhi dukh nahi deta.
1 rishta jo kabhi khatam nahi hota.

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